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Bluegreen is introducing a fresh approach to golf !

Bluegreen is introducing a fresh approach to golf !
Bluegreen, which is at the forefront of golf in Europe, aims to revive the practice of golf in France.

With the organization of the Ryder Cup held in France from September 25 to 30, 2018 is a huge year for this sport, and an great opportunity to stimulate the French market, which is actually suffering from a stagnation of number of practitioners for several years.

Bluegreen is upseting conventional wisdom about golf (considered as expensive and reserved for an elite *) and offers a new experience around the golf, in line with the expectations and aspirations of customers and new consumer uses: more accessible, more fun, faster, more digital ...

At the forefront of the innovation, Bluegreen lunches 5 news activities on its entire network : MiniGolfPay as your play, Perfect Line, Afterwork et Stadium.

*60% of French people think this sport is reserved for a certain elite, SportLab 2012 study.

See the details of these new activities by cliking HERE.

These activities will soon be rolled out on 6 pilot sites in France and will be extended to all of the 49 golf courses in the network at late 2019.
To support this transformation, Bluegreen is acquiring a new brand identity that reflects its position and a new signature, "Everyday is a Bluegreen day".

The signature expresses the new experience proposed by Bluegreen: golf as a moment of life, a place of conviviality and sharing, accessible to the greatest number. 

Revive golf practice in France


The French golf market live an increase in age and a stagnation of the number of practitioners for several years, because of the ideas that it conveys (considered as expensive and reserved to an elite). 
Yet, golf is the only outdoor sport that allows all generations, from 6 to 99 years to share a party. 
It is also in line with new consumer uses: welfare, nature, conviviality ...

At a time when this sport will occupy a central place in France with the organization of the Ryder Cup at the end of September 2018, and with all these observations, the challenge is to revitalize the French market by improving the golfers' customer experience. and by proposing a new approach to the greatest number, in connection with new ways of life and uses.

The aim is to allow golf to develop in a universal way, as is the case in some Northern European countries, such as Sweden, where more than 10% of the population plays golf, compared to just over 1% in France.


In early 2017, Manuel Biota joined Bluegreen as Chief Executive Officer. After an active listening of the golf directors of the network, a reflection on the golf market trends was conducted at the French, European and global levels.
Bluegreen has thus built a strategy and a development plan around 3 axes:
  1. The enrichment of the golfers' customer experience, Bluegreen's core business (improvement of grounds, structures, measurement of customer satisfaction, digitalization of services).
  2. Involvement in the sporting dimension (young people, hopes, handigolf, sports associations);Bluegreen also supports three athletes in their professional career: Céline Boutier, Mathieu Pavon and Grégoire Schoeb.
    In addition, as part of its involvement in the Handigolf, Bluegreen has initiated a French Handigolf circuit which many of its golf courses will host the events in 2018, including the Handigolf Open of France, which will bring together the best European players, on golf Bordeaux Lake at the end of April 2018. Finally, several regional circuits of the Born For Golf Tour created by Fanny Jacquelin will be set up on the golf courses Blue Green.
  3. The development of new activities to adapt to new ways of life and uses, to finally give a playful, family-friendly, universal, and adapted to the time and budget of each.

Hoping to see you soon on our golf courses to test these new activities and rediscover the brand Bluegreen.

"Everyday is a Bluegreen day"


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